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The rain-friendly trainers

The rain-friendly trainers

The rain-friendly trainers
15 January 2014

Given the current Se7en-esque weather we're experiencing, you need to arm yourself. Sure, you might have a waterproof jacket and an umbrella but what about those poor feet of yours?

They're the ones who are on the front line, fighting the rain without anyone really looking out for their well-being.

But, keen to prevent any more bus puddle disasters, SWIMS has released their first ever pair of trainers, which aims to tackle any weather condition in style.

The Luca "sneaker" has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to fighting adverse weather conditions. Firstly, there's an anti-slip rubber sole which means you'd have to be a real doofus to fall over while wearing them. Secondly, there's a flexible TPU outer shell which gives them good wearability.

There's also a heckload of colours to choose from. Which helps.

You can buy a pair at for £100.