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The Punisher is following Daredevil into the MCU, according to a Marvel star

More Marvel small-screen goodness is seemingly on the way.

The Punisher is following Daredevil into the MCU, according to a Marvel star
Marc Chacksfield
08 August 2022

The Punisher is set for a small-screen return, joining the Daredevil in the MCU. This is according to one of the big stars of the Netflix Marvel shows.

Rosario Dawson, who played Claire Temple a doctor who turned up in Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones (as well as The Defenders), was speaking at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo recently and she seemingly revealed that The Punisher is getting revived by Marvel and she would like to be part of the new show.

"I found out yesterday that The Punisher was happening again. So, I feel like it's my second chance, because it was the only one of the shows that I wasn't in - and I love Jon Bernthal," she said to the audience, as reported by Collider.

Marvel has yet to announce a Punisher revival but since Disney took control of the Netflix Marvel shows, it has been rumored that we will get to see the vigilante again, albeit in a Disney Plus variation.

This is what is happening with Daredevil. At the recent San Diego Comic Con it was revealed that the show will be revived under the title Daredevil: Born Again and that we will be getting an 18-episode run, a far bigger run that any of the recent Marvel shows have gotten.

It has also been revealed that Daredevil will star in the upcoming She-Hulk series, which will follow on from Matt Murdock's small but great cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

It's unclear under what guise we will see The Punisher but this is a Marvel property like Daredevil that is one of the most adult around. The story of vigilante Frank Castle, a war veteran, is a violent one and this was showcased in the two-series arc we saw in the Netflix show.

In the show, The Punisher was played by Jon Bernthal, someone fans would love to see back in the role. Back in March, Bernthal reacted the news that The Punisher was now on Disney Plus on Twitter with the words: "Good ol' Frank."

When will we know for certain that there will be a Punisher TV show? Well, with SDCC out of the way the next big show for Disney is its own D23 Expo which is taking place September 9-11. We are certain that we will hear more about Disney's small-screen Marvel plans then.