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Stranger Things fan? This new Netflix show was made for you

The OA will be available to watch 16 December and it looks bloody good

Stranger Things fan? This new Netflix show was made for you

“But we don’t want to wait, we want it nooooooow,” we hear you cry in a sea of other impatient Netflix users, not being able to wait until next year for the second season of the streaming service’s original Stranger Things show (official release date TBC).

Well good news folks, there’s a supernatural new Netflix show that will make that wait a lot less painful. It’s called The OA...and it’s premiering online December 16!

Described as a “powerful, mind-bending tale about identity, human connection and the borders between life and death,” the show will focus on a blind woman who returns from being missing after 20 years. The big twist? She can now see. 

Spooked yet? If not, you will be soon.

The show starts Phyllis Smith (The Office), Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead) and Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) and Brad Pitt is an executive producer on the show. 

“I didn’t disappear… I was present for all of it. I remember. I remember… everything,” she tells us in the trailer, which when considered alongside Netflix’s disturbing short video of her jumping off a bridge (seen above), is properly terrifying.

But who is she? What happened to her? Why can she see now? Why is she jumping off of bridges?!

All this will be answered on 16 December...Happy Christmas one and all!