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The 10 most stylish moments of Netflix's Stranger Things

One of the most stylish shows out there

The 10 most stylish moments of Netflix's Stranger Things

Sure we all know that Stranger Things was beautifully shot, but it was also beautifully styled as well.

The eighties gets a lot of bad press for its fashion thanks to legwarmers and popped collars, but there's a lot of saving graces, as Netflix's best show yet amply proves.

So without further ado, here's the most stylish shots that'll have you running to your nearest vintage shop...

The quilted gilet

It's no secret that the show has borrowed elements from Twin Peaks, E.T., Stand By Me and more, but it looks like Will's styling here is a homage to Marty's 'life preserver' in Back To The Future.

The baseball cap

We don't know if it's because we're playing Pokemon Go for 14 hours everyday or that Dustin's hat actually looks a lot like Ash Ketchum's. Either way it's pretty slick.

The fur lined denim jacket

Jonathan Byers, possibly the only hero in a show to also be a borderline creepy stalker. Here he is not taking pictures of people without their consent in a fur lined denim jacket with a contrast cord collar.

The ringer t-shirt

Striped ringer t-shirts are an eighties staple, just like synths, shoulder pads and colours so bright they'll give you a migraine. Here's will showing off why it shouldn't only be left to the decade that brought you legends like Rick Astley and Flock Of Seagulls.

The cardigan and double breasted pea coat

Not that it's all informal wear, as Dustin and Lucas prove here. If only they knew how many Likes they could get for that ensemble on Facebook in 2016 they'd be furious. And rightly so.

The orange cord jacket and camo bandanna

It was actually Caleb McLaughlin who suggested his character should wear a camo bandanna around his head in this scene. Not even a teenager and he's already setting trends, while you have a panic attack every morning about which socks match your shoes.

The baseball jacket and retro Nikes

How much did you hate this trio? But for all their doucheness, Tommy owns that baseball jacket, and Steve's Nikes are still on trend today. Truly timeless.

The charcoal suit

Papa? You mean daddy. How suave is this guy? Sure he's a monster who tortured a child, but a suit this sharp surely means he's forgiven. Right?!

The polo top

These are a dime a dozen in vintage shops, so make sure you stock up on them before Urban Outfitters buys them all and hikes up the price by 250 per cent.

The turquoise hoodie

Not many people can pull off a turquoise hoodie with an eighties cartoon design, but then most people don't have the sass that Dustin has. Watch this become Kanye's main piece for his next Yeezy collection. He'll put a few rips in it and sell it for $1,250.