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The McConaugheys channel Challengers and go pantless for Pantalones... again

It's a tequila campaign reminiscent of Challengers - but not as you know it

The McConaugheys channel Challengers and go pantless for Pantalones... again

Matthew McConaughey has always gone the extra mile when it comes to his career, but it now appears that effort also includes eternally relegating his trousers to a dumpster.

The first time around, the launch of his shiny new tequila, Pantalones, resulted in the big screen star joining forces with his wife to ride butt naked through the desert while straddling choppers.

Yes, you read that correctly - see here.

However, it now looks as though the star has become rather accustomed to the pant-less life (yes, we get it's an Americanism, but he's American, so let's leave it there).

Grabbing our attention for all the right reasons (or wrong, depending on your stance), McConaughey's latest tequila campaign entitled ‘Official Tequila Of’ has left the pair feeling a little chilly from the waist down.

Yup, they're back 'Winnie the Pooh-ing' once again, this time declaring that Pantalones is the official Tequila of both pickleball and spring cleaning,

The clip sees the pair take to the court dressed in tennis whites, with the Interstellar and Dallas Buyers Club star declaring: "Is pickel-ball even actually a thing?!"

While another image released as part of the campaign shows the duo taking care of some ‘long-dreaded spring cleaning’.

McConaughey says his use of the phrase “après-pickleball” in the first ad alludes to “après-ski,” which is a slang term used by skiers looking to grab a drink and unwind after a long day on the slopes.

Pantalones tequila, which directly translates as 'trousers' from the Spanish, is available online from specialist retailers - as well as the brand's online store.

The McConaugheys channel Challengers and go pantless for Pantalones... again

The McConaugheys said of the release: “With the explosion in popularity of Tequila, there’s a level of snootiness that’s crept into the category. People now talk about Tequila the way they talk about wine.

“While we’re all for being passionate about Tequila, we wanted to remind people that, above all, it’s meant to be fun. That’s where the name Pantalones came from and that’s why you won’t see us wearing any.
“We’re precious about our Tequila, not our pants.”

Way to grab our attention, guys.