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​Matthew McConaughey keeps it brief with the launch of new Tequila brand Pantalones

Fun at no extra cost. Trousers not included.

​Matthew McConaughey keeps it brief with the launch of new Tequila brand Pantalones
Danielle de Wolfe
27 October 2023

First it was Diddy, then Clooney, followed close behind by Dylan.

With an ever-growing list of A-list names venturing into the booze business, Matthew McConaughey is but the latest Hollywood star to add his name to the lengthy roster of alcohol aficionados.

Launching all-new tequila brand Pantalones – yes, that really does translate as ‘pants’ in Spanish, the Dallas Buyers Club and Dazed & Confused star is now side-stepping into the world of agave.

Technically he’s done it all before, having previously been appointed creative director for Campari Group’s Wild Turkey Bourbon brand and named as the co-creator of its Wild Turkey Longbranch.

But after parting ways with the company early in 2023 following nearly six years together, McConaughey felt ready to start anew.

Now, the US star, alongside wife Camila McConaughey, are taking on the likes of George Clooney and Justin Timberlake courtesy of his Pantalones tequila.

Complete with a suitably deadpan ad that perfectly encapsulates the brand – plenty of sarcasm, a handful of agave, strictly no trousers – the actor can be seen riding aboard a vintage motorcycle at sunset.

Uploaded to his instagram page – as well as a YouTube short, the video sees the camera pan out to reveal a trouserless McConaughey and his wife concealed only by pixels.

Breezy from the waist down, the tongue-in-cheek video sees the star announce: “When did Tequila stop being Tequila?” as wife Camila responds: “Right? Where’s the fun?”

Both sipping Margaritas, the couple, who met in 2006, can be seen slouched beneath a tree – with the drink a nod to their beginnings.

Allegedly meeting at the Hyde club in Los Angeles, the Hollywood star bagged himself a date after purportedly mixing up the perfect margarita.

Made with 100% Blue Webber Agave, each sip reveals hints of citrus and honey

Made at the family owned Tequilera Tap (NOM 1614) in the Jalisco region of Mexico, the distillery is better known for producing Tres Agaves Tequila.

Sound enticing? You bet it does.

Those wanting to get their hands on a bottle can pick up Pantalones Blanco for US$44.99, the Reposado at US$49.99 and the Añejo at US$54.99 from the official Pantalones web store, as well as quality retailers.

Please note: trousers not inclued.