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The Leather-Heavy Reebok Ventilator

The Leather-Heavy Reebok Ventilator

The Leather-Heavy Reebok Ventilator

Forget spring-bladed soles and breathable mesh socks - when it comes to trainer releases, Reebok would appear to be of the "make do and mend" mindset.

Rather than ditching the 15-year-old Ventilator track star, the sporting label has teamed up with size? to re-upholster a classic. 

The high grain leather upper of these retro runners has been stretched and stitched into shape, replacing the usual mesh and nylon of the 1990s model. Micro perforations cover the toe box and side walls, breaking up the texture and adding the namesake ventilation. A contrasting off-white lining, Hexatile tech foot bed and IMEVA midsole mixes things up further still, with some modern, comfortable traits.

Available in a brown or (our preferred) black colour options, the "Re-Upholstered" Ventilator will be available from size? from 6 February for £85.

And no, Reebok won't do your old sofa for you in a similar finish. Don't bother asking, we already tried. 

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