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The Ingenious Multi-Tool Watch Strap

The Ingenious Multi-Tool Watch Strap

The Ingenious Multi-Tool Watch Strap

There comes a time in every man's life when he gains a desire to own a set of tools. It's usually shortly after he discovers that his new IKEA coffee table requires a very specific allen key, or when his DVD shelf collapses under the weight of steelbooks. 

Rather than hastily investing in an extensive box of metal levers you'll doubtless never touch, Leatherman has come up with a neat, wearable solution. 

Squeezed into the links of this bracelet, the Leatherman Tread, are 25 tools: screwdriver heads of varying size, allen keys, hooks, glass breakers, a bottle opener and some other edges that we'll sure will come in handy at some point. It's versatile enough to make the Swiss Army envious.

The sequence of the Leatherman Tread can be changed by the user, unscrewing the links (with the flathead screwdriver, provided) and reassembling as they see fit. Aware that many men won't have a habit of wearing a bracelet, Leatherman has also created a shock resistant, heavy duty watch with a strap that incorporates the Tread design. 

Still in the final stages of development, the bracelet should be available later in the spring, with the watch arriving in the autumn. Until then, you're just going to have to make do with propping up your shelves with breeze blocks.

(Images: Leatherman)

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