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The Goldeneye Watch-Face

The Goldeneye Watch-Face

The Goldeneye Watch-Face
08 September 2014

Some sterling news for anyone keen to snap up the Moto 360 smartwatch when released in Europe next month: you'll be able to live out your fantasies from Goldeneye on the N64.

Mirroring the famed wrist gadget from the first-person shooter classic which let gamers pore over mission files, check body armor and detonate explosives, this app version uses the same set-up for text messages and calls (though a shopping list is still a mission, we guess).

Moreover, that health bar running across the screen now replicates battery life. And while the roundness of the Moto 360 is perfect for the interface app, you can also try your luck with similar devices by downloading on Google Play now.

This latest unrestrained nostalgia comes not long after Pierce Brosnan himself played the game, appearing on a US chat show and blowing minds everywhere with a death match vs Jimmy Fallon And if anything can ensure smartwatches really take off, it’s a Bond one.

It won't fire a laser beam, or provide wire with which to take out a would-be assassin, but it’s a start.