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The Floating ‘Science City’ Of The Future

The Floating ‘Science City’ Of The Future

The Floating ‘Science City’ Of The Future
03 September 2015

Finally, the type of science lab you dreamed of existing when you were a schoolboy.

Designed by architects Jacques Rougerie, the manta-ray inspired research centre will hopefully be used as a floating international oceanographic university.

Dubbed as a floating ‘scientific city’ by the team, the 900-metre-long structure would be focused on observing and analysing marine biodiversity.

The vessel will be so large that it will include an internal lagoon for state-of-the-art research vessels, along with accommodation for academics, researchers and technicians and it will be powered by renewable marine energy.

Looking like a giant robotic manta ray and  called the ‘City of Meriens’ the research centre could reportedly accommodate up to 7000 people across several levels that would include lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories and sports zones.

Plus it looks a bit like an ocean-bound Star Destroyer. Nice.

(Images: Jacques Rougerie)