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The five manliest aprons to help you look like a BBQ god

Garments that say that grill is yours and yours alone

The five manliest aprons to help you look like a BBQ god
03 April 2017

[Photographs Scott Grummett]

It's the summer of the cookout, the season of the sizzle, the time when you you spend time making small talk over large slabs of meat.

And by all rights you're going to want a good apron to do it all in don't you? But not some ironic beefcake six pack number your girlfriend is quite fond of - we mean a genuine macho, 'this guy means business' garment that tells everyone that grill is yours and yours alone.

With aprons all the rage right now, here are five worth bearing in mind.


Saint & Birchley has nicer aprons than any of your clothes. The Porrectus Apron - bleached 12oz bull denim with leather straps and brass buckles - screams quality, heritage and “I have my life together”.

The look: You are now Tony Soprano on vacation.

What to cook in it: A 1kg Porterhouse steak from Turner & George; statement meat.



Nudie Jeans’ selvedge denim apron feels like an American icon. Like Bruce Springsteen screaming about “mama working two jobs". Like an eagle with John Wayne’s face. Forget it’s from a Swedish brand and is made in Italy.

Wear it: Like the Deep South mechanic you are.

What to cook in it: Grilled chicken with South Carolina-style barbecue sauce.



Sandqvist’s Ekstedt apron is hard-wearing and pleasingly heavy, thanks to the 18oz cotton canvas construction, and makes you feel like a Swedish tough-guy with a golden beard who knows how to gut fish.

Wear it: With the confident air of a man you can beat people up and recommend a good book.

What to cook in it: Grilled trout and chopped greens. Clean.



Matthew McConaughey wore Carhartt in Interstellar – and if it’s good enough for an astronaut, it’s good enough for your grilling. The Duck Apron has pockets for Swiss army knives, compasses and other outdoor accoutrement. 

Wear it: To turn you into a (likable) cartoon lumberjack.

What to cook in it: Ribs. Slow and low, baby.



Stutterheim’s thing is simplicity. The nattily titled Apron Long is a sheet of rubberised-cotton made into a vaguely imposing, easy-wipe apron. That it also looks like the apron Dexter from Dexter wears when he kills people is a bonus.

Wear it: For a “handsome architect with a secret” look.

What to cook in it: Halloumi, new potato and sage kebabs.