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The finest football kits money can buy

Look, like, buy. In that order.

The finest football kits money can buy

As the New York Cosmos prepare to return to the footballsphere we have been inspired to hunt out the funkiest kits currently on sale. Dig in...

New York Cosmos - current

Sure the old school kit rocked hard, but the new Umbro offering has it trumped. Nostalgia may have Pele and Beckenbauer on its side, but Umbro his this little beauty...

Price: £49.99

But it: Here.

West Germany - 1990

For en Englishman it may drag up memories that are too unpleasant to see the beauty. But this classic strip modelled by the likes of Klinsmann, Voller, Brehme, Littbarski and, our third favourite footballer of all time, Lothar Matthaus, is nigh on awesome.

Price: £114.99. That's right.

Buy it: Here.

Escape To Victory - 1940s

  1. Robert Hatch (USA) (SYLVESTER STALONE)
  2. Michael Fileu (Bel) (PAUL VAN HIMST)
  4. Pieter Van Beck (Hol) (CO PRINS)
  5. Doug Clure(UK) - (RUSSELL OSMAN)
  6. Terry Brady (UK) (BOBBY MOORE)
  7. Arthur Hayes(Sco) (JOHN WARK)
  8. Carlos Rey (Arg) (OSSIE ARDILES)
  9. Sid Harmor (UK) (MIKE SUMERBEE)
  10. Luis Fernandez (Bra) (PELE)
  11. Erik Borge(Denmark) (SOREN LINDSTED)

Slot yourself onto the sub's bench by buying your own.

Price: £39.99

Buy it: Here.

Argentina - 1986

Authentic numbering available on the back. Gee, wonder what number is most popular?

Price: £32.99

Buy it: here.

England third strip - 1990

Granted the first team kit offers more nostalgia, but it also boasts more heartache. Pick this rarely warn number and keep bursting into New Order's World In Motion at inopportune moments. Slick...

Price: £39.99

Buy it: Here.

Palermo - 2006

Some would shun the pink strip, but only the brave benefit. Pick of the bunch is this belter. Palermo's 2006 strip. plus you could revel in the fact that everyone thinks it's a Juventus top. 'Tsk' you'd say 'don't they know anything?' while quaffing a goblet of wine.

Price: £26.99

Buy it: Here

Paris St Germain -- Canada Dry

Apparently: "In 1973 newly promoted from the second division PSG used this white shirt for their away games. The contract with the sponsor Canada Dry was negotiated by Bernard Brochand a young publicist who later became the president of the PSG Association." We just love it. And it's cheap...

Price: £14.99

Buy it: Here.

USA - 1950

Some prefer the similar Peru kit of 1978 but for us the US have it. It's all in the v-neck collar. Possibly very popular north of the border as it's the kit the US beat England in in that game.

Price: £34.99

Buy it: Here.


In 1974 when Congo DR was known as Zaire, they became the first black African team to qualify for the World Cup. Not worth buying it just for that? How about the fact it has the word 'leopard' on it? Sold!

Price: £33.99

Buy it: Here.

St Pauli - current

It's not all about Old School. St Pauli, the cult club of Germany's Bundesliga, have been garnering worldwide support for decades thanks to the carnival atmospheres at games and the left-leaning inclination of the club. Plus they make o kick-ass gold kit. It's also worth having a browse at the skull and cross bones clothing range.

Price: Euro59.95

buy it: Here.

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