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The Chilli-Inspired Trainer

The Chilli-Inspired Trainer

The Chilli-Inspired Trainer

"But they don't look anything like a hat", you may think upon seeing these Scotch Bonnet-inspired trainers - and you'd be right.

The bonnet upon which Hanon and Brooks' collaboration is based is of the chilli variety: the fiery Scotch Bonnet, so named because of its resemblance to Tim O'Shanter's iconic flat cap

The Scottish trainer retailer has partnered with the US running brand to spice up the Chariot shoe - a technical triumph of pig suede atop a comfortable EVA sole unit. 

Drawing on their own roots in the north east of Scotland, Hanon has layered the Chariot in the granite grey of Aberdeen, complete with a flecked, rocky side bar. The famed chilli lends its red and green to the Chariot's toe, tongue and inner lining. 

Set to be launched on 7 February, you'll be able to pick up a pair of the Scotch Bonnets for £90. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards... 

(Images: Hanon)