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The Chicken Connoisseur is in New York rating Jay Z's old chicken spot

Spreading his wings stateside with A$AP Bari

The Chicken Connoisseur is in New York rating Jay Z's old chicken spot

The Chicken Connoisseur is living his best life.

His reviews now get over a million hits per video. 

He gets taken to New York to literally be chauffeured around rating chicken shops.

The Chicken Connoisseur has made it, while we still frequent Chicken Cottage.

In the latest episode of The Pengest Munch, he is escorted by A$AP Bari, designer and member of the A$AP mob to three chicken shops.

The Chicken Connoisseur tucks into some wings - stateside

After gifting CC a pair of his Nike kids-would-kill-for creps, Bari (who actually only eats fish) proclaims that “American chicken is not as wavy as y'all chicken” before they set off on their journey. 

They first hit up Texas in Harlem, followed by Kennedy Chicken in The Bronx and finish up at Crown Fried Chicken in Brooklyn, adorned with snaps of Jay Z in the shop. 

The Connoisseur isn’t swayed by the flashing lights though – despite claiming Hove’s spot to have the best chips he’s had in his life, the chicken was sub optimal.   

It’s all summed up at the end in an exchange with another customer after someone asks the crew to get them dinner: Nobody’s rich, if they was they wouldn’t be here.”

To which the Connoisseur answers: “If I was rich I probably would still come here.”

Watch as A$AP Bari intently listens to the London legend’s ratings, while the Chicken Connoisseur asks him what this “VLONE thing” is about: