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The Brilliant Wellograph Fitness Watch

The Brilliant Wellograph Fitness Watch

The Brilliant Wellograph Fitness Watch
17 January 2014

We're all for any tech that promises to help us get fit. Trouble is, none of it seems to work, and most look like a USB stick on a snapband.

Enter the Wellograph, a new wrist-clinger looking to separate itself from the rest of the fitness crowd on both function and aesthetic.

Describing itself as "The Wellness Watch", the Wellograph squeezes a pedometer, run tracker and Bluetooth into a sleek casing. Your daily movements (and the time, thankfully) are displayed on the curved screen, with further data shown on your smartphone via an accompanying app.

But what sets the Wellograph apart is its inbuilt heart rate monitor: rather than making up a fitness currency or nagging you to walk further, the Wellograph can provide data on just how hard you're working at the gym or during your run by monitoring your maximum and resting BPM.

And did we mention how pretty it looks? Our wrists will be all the poorer until the Wellograph arrives later this spring.

(Images: Wellograph)