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The brilliant Batman cowl art project

The brilliant Batman cowl art project

The brilliant Batman cowl art project

Black never goes out of style.

Which might go some way to explaining the enduring qualities of Batman's 75-year reign of justice. Some way. Like, an inch?

But what if the Dark Knight decided to change things up a bit? To give the old cape and cowl a makeover? 

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To celebrate the forthcoming launch of Batman: Arkham Knight, Warner Bros. Games UK has commissioned a group of contemporary artists to have a crack at remodelling Batman's famed costume. From colourful capes to metal masks, the collection is set to be exhibited at Kachette, Shoreditch, London from 23 June - the same day the game swoops onto consoles.

Check out the gallery for an idea of just how fabulous Batman could look if he only let himself go a bit.

(Images: Rex)

The City Corrodes us All

By Matt Small

Acid Rain

By Lauren Baker

Batman Under Construction

By Zeus

High Heels and Low Lifes


Somewhere on the Spectrum

By Cyclops

Becoming Yourself

By The Connor Brothers

Till Death Do Us Part


One for All, All for One

By Nancy Fouts