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The Boys Season 4 teased with new details and incredible images

Things are going to get very messy for the twisted Prime Video superheroes...

The Boys Season 4 teased with new details and incredible images
Marc Chacksfield
10 November 2023

The Boys is one of the very best shows on Prime Video right now and while it has been a long wait for season four, finally we have some juicy new details.

For those who haven't seen The Boys yet, which is a live-action adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's fantastic comic series, then the best way to describe it is a filthy, furious look at superheroes who are all smiles for the camera but are really corrupted no-gooders who feed on celebrity and couldn't care less if the world burned.

One person who is out to 'out' them is leader of vigilante group The Boys, Billy Butcher, who has made it his life to rid the world of these so-called superheroes.

The Boys thrives on its perfect casting, with Antony Starr utterly chilling as Homelander and, dodgy accent aside, a fantastic Karl Urban as Billy Butcher.

The fourth season is an interesting one for The Boys as comes off the back of the success of Gen V, the superb spin-off of the show. In a tweet, it has been confirmed that the recent finale of Gen V slots into The Boys' universe and vice versa.

Now if what's being teased doesn't get you excited, then nothing will with the show runners confirming that timeline wise, Season 4 will take place about a month after the events of the Gen V finale.

Two new posters have also been revealed to prepare us all for the new season of The Boys. The first shows Homelander smiling after the results of an election win and the second Butcher looking broody.

It's fair to say that the politics of the show look like they are going to go in favour of the supes. We will find out some time in 2024.