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The best new menswear you can buy this week – April 9

Christmas isn't for absolutely ages, you might as well treat yourself...

The best new menswear you can buy this week – April 9
09 April 2018

Look, Christmas isn’t for absolutely ages, so you don’t have to think about getting anyone else a present yet - so who does that leave? That’s right - you. You are the person for which you should buy a present. You should do it now. Do it twice. You lucky boy!

Here’s some inspiration for ya:

Farnol Stone everyday four pocket worker shirt (£58)

It’s a tad reckless not putting a lid on all four of these pockets, but that sums you up, doesn’t it? A little bit of a rogue, a chancer, a rascal - and if you nab this sturdy worker shirt, a fashionable one to boot.

Bruta cotton poplin Riva shirt (£130)

We’ll be seeing more and more shirts with embroidered logos and prints on them once we hit summer, and Bruta do a nice line of them. Pick up this particularly sunny number and you’ll stay ahead of the wave.*

*I have done a joke there, relating to the specific print on this shirt. No worries.

Napapijri military green Arras packable jacket (£130)

It’s not quite time to crack out the shorts and sunnies, so you’re gonna need a little inbetweener to tide you over between seasons. This lightweight windbreaker will do just the trick in this stupid and ridiculously unpredictable weather. And if the sun does properly show its face, then it’ll swiftly pack up into a bag and out the way.

Gant duke college blue suede sneaker (£95)

Some lovely suede paneling going on here, in a lovely dark blue. I say ‘lovely’, because if you’re going suede, a darker colour is easier to manage - I forever regret the day I bought a pair of light blue suede trainers. I spend more time cleaning them than I do eating, I think.

Timex MK1 stainless steel 40mm fabric strap watch (£94.99)

A smart yet rugged (how is this possible???) watch that’ll team with almost all outfits, and at an affordable price? I must be pulling your leg! 

Well, if you’ll stop accusing me for one single second, you grass, and look up there, at that picture, then you’ll realise that I absolutely am not.

Mennace black Tricot knit tracksuit bottoms (£35)

Joggers can be smart now, didn’t you know? No longer the sole reserve of the gym-goer (god I hate those guys), now you can even don a pair with a shirt - I know! A nice stripe detail gives these ones from new brand Mennace a nice little bit of flair, too.

Maison Kitsune X Ader Error white fox head tetris t-shirt (£84)

Not much more to say other than: this is a good t-shirt.

Levi’s Vintage Clothing half zip fleece (£140)

Nice bit of distressed vintage from Levi’s with a simple fleece here, a great pick for Spring - particularly the colder days of it, of which we’ve seen our fair goddamn share. Try and ignore the rain, and enjoy the lovely pastel colourway, instead.

Urban outfitters stone nylon trench coat (£110)

Not just for detectives, a trench is making its way back into the ‘even the coolest dudes are wearing them’ fashion stakes. Wear it open and flowing and even roll up the sleeves if you’re keen to keep it casual, but really, wear it how you want and with whatever you want - it’ll go with pretty much everything.

Timberland beige Bradstreet Oxford trainer (£90)

Not just boots eh? Not. Just. Boots.

Reserved grey plain sweatshirt (£12.99)

If you don’t have a plain grey sweatshirt, sort it out - it’s a style staple and will look good on anyone and with anything. This one has a bit of a fancy neck to give it a bit more personality, and at a price like that, you’d be a right steaming plonker not to grab it.

Santa Cruz orange spill t shirt (£22)

The infamous screaming hand there, dripping blood all over your back. Should you wear this if you don’t skate? The jury is out, but it’s a bold bit of kit nonetheless. Wear more orange.