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The best new menswear you can buy this week - March 12

Ten items to look out for in the next seven days...

The best new menswear you can buy this week - March 12
12 March 2018

Snow’s gone. Rain’s here. It’s mid-month. Your funds are starting to make their way back to normal after the heinous economic one-two of Christmas and tax deadline day. It’s time to get a-spending. 

But what, you ask, should I buy? 

Some of this, we tell you, would be a bloody good start.

Howlin’ Light Flight Cotton-Blend Terry Shirt (£115)

Whoever said you can’t wear short-sleeve shirts was just someone who looked bad in a short-sleeve shirt, simple as that. And this terry cloth shirt by Scottish knit-legends Howlin’ is a subtle, fuzzy twist on a divisive fave.

Norse Projects ‘Trondheim’ Gore-Tex Jacket (£450)

Dads love Gore-Tex. Have a friend whose old man likes ‘clobber’? Whisper the words ‘Gore-Tex’ in his presence and watch him work his way into a frenzy. They love it. ‘It’s just…’ They can’t describe it. It’s just waterproof. It’s just an extremely waterproof material. And this, by Danish label Norse Projects, is expensive but up there with the best waterproof-wear around.

Cos Tailored Cotton Trousers with Darts (£79)

Cos make great trousers - with interesting shapes like darts at the waist and a crease down the middle of each leg - and you’re always in need of a pair of fresh chinos when spring finally pops its head in.

adidas Originals Indoor Super Suede And Nylon Sneakers (£80)

Originally created for City Boys who wanted to play squash on their lunch break, you don’t need to know your way around a teardrop racquet to bag these at a bargain.

Reiss Chambray Spread Collar Shirt (£95)

Always a useful wardrobe item, this chambray shirt by Reiss is lightweight and also boasts a spread collar, which looks a little cooler when undone. Not sure why. Just does.

Topman Red Suede Jacket (£130)

This jacket from Topman might just be our favourite piece in a minute: shaped like a classic ‘Western’ denim jacket only cut from buttery-soft real suede in a deep red hue, you might not be able to wear this every day (because it’s suede) but whenever you do, people will turn and take notice of you. In a good way, I mean.

Cords & Co ‘Wes’ True Indigo Regular Tapered Fit Corduroy Pants (£130)

The trouble with corduroy is that if you buy cheap, you’ll end up with something shiny and horrible and all washed out with a few weeks. You get what you pay for, and Cord & Co are the best.

Carhartt Hooded ‘Chase’ Sweatshirt in Soft Rose (£65)

The ‘millennial pink’ trend might be over, but that only means that it’s safe to wear again.

adidas ‘Aloxe’ Bold Blue Track Top (£70)

Remember the ‘80s?! No, us neither. This is nice, though.

Our Legacy Box Longsleeve T-Shirt (£110)

The sun will come out tom…*checks weather app* …at some point.