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The best new menswear you can buy this week

10 items to look out for in the next seven days...

The best new menswear you can buy this week
26 February 2018

The shortest month of the year is finally done and, yes, the weather is absolutely dreadful but at least you’ve been paid: the tax bill is done, your Christmas debt has abated, and you’re finally able to think about yourself again. 

Time to treat yourself…

  1. 1.Reebok Phase 1 Pro

    The Phase 1 is a massively underrated silhouette and I’m a sucker for anything vaguely ‘collegiate’ in its colourway. Makes me feel like I went to Yale or something. When really I went to Havering Sixth Form College.

    £80; Oi Polloi

  2. 2.The North Face Black Label Mountain Q Jacket

    Because it’s absolutely freezing.

    £145; Goodhood

  3. 3.Cos Acc Salton Rucksack

    A handsome bag made from crisp, crinkled twill with leather straps and nice metal buckles and stuff. It’s very, very nice. Look at it. Think how sad you’ll be when you accidentally spill a pint on it in the pub. (You can see the even-more-ruinable light beige version at the top of this article)

    £79; Cos

  4. 4.J. Crew Stretch Secret Wash shirt in Worn Iris

    You’ve got a proper job AND a hot date tonight, haven’t you? You need this: a lavender J. Crew button-down shirt, that makes you look a bit like Alain Delon. For the love of god do not wear this with light grey trousers: wear only with black or dark denim. Dark. Keep it dark. 

    £62.50; J. Crew

  5. 5.Converse 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High-Top Sneakers

    The 1970s variants of the All Star are very minimally different to the non-70s versions, but I like them all the same, and even more so in the rather unusual colourway of vintage green. Surprisingly wearable, these.

    £70; Mr. Porter

  6. 6.Carhartt WIP Chase Sweatshirt Orange


    £60; The Idle Man

  7. 7.adidas Court Vantage

    Yes, they’re a bit plain (some would say “minimalist”) and yes, they’d get absolutely ruined in the rain, but at £35, you can’t really say no to one of the most useful trainers in your wardrobe. These go with anything. Literally anything. 

    £35; The Content Store

  8. 8.YMC Check Bowie Zip Shirt

    YMC, established in 1995 and perfect for people who want building-block clothes with a little bit of something extra about them, have gone and done a lovely grey-scale and cream patchwork zip-through that will look lovely layered under something larger while the snow’s here and brilliant on its own when it finally brightens up.

    £185; Goodhood

  9. 9.A Kind Of Guise Roulette Crew-knit sweater

    “Never mix black and blue!” the magazines of old used to say. They’re not around anymore.

    £169; Oi Polloi

  10. 10.Nike Long Sleeve Taped Poly Tee

    Did you see that Nike advert the other week? The one with every British athlete in it, and Stormzy, and Big Shaq, and Morley’s Chicken Shop on New Kent Road? Good, wasn’t it? Anyway, this long-sleeve tee is perfect, with ‘taped’ detailing being all the rage. Bargain, too.

    £45; END Clothing