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The Amazing Activité Pop Fitness Watch

The Amazing Activité Pop Fitness Watch

The Amazing Activité Pop Fitness Watch

Back when the Withings Activité wristwatch dropped last year, bringing some much needed panache to the tawdry market of fitness gadgets, it easily ranked as one of the smartest timepieces around.

That said, it didn't quite corner the market as its makers would have liked, which may have had something to do with the 230 price tag, requiring buyers to flex the fibres of their wallet as much as their calf muscles.

So perhaps with this in mind, the company has now debuted a cheaper alternative with the Activité Pop, essentially the same instrument, armed with sleep tracking, blood pressure monitors and the basic act of telling the time, though this time encased in a funky plastic shell and doing away with weighty metal and leather.

And much like its chunkier brethen, the Pop doesn’t need to be recharged either, instead letting a smartphone app take the brunt of the electrical power and running on a standard battery which can last up to a whopping eight months.

Well, that’s if your 2015 health kick lasts that long…

The Activité Pop will be released in March for £110;