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The 12 best dressed men from this year's Wimbledon

Game, set and matching

The 12 best dressed men from this year's Wimbledon
11 July 2016

Pfffft, anyone can hit a ball with a racket, but it takes real effort to dress sharp and sit still for hours drinking copious amount of Pimm's. Here are our winners of Wimbledon when it comes to the style stakes, featuring the best three piece suits, double breasted blazers and…erm…snapbacks.

[Images: Rex, Getty]

Andy Murray

He’s wearing a fine tuxedo at the Champions Ball, his significant other is stood beside looking equally glamorous, he's just won Wimbledon, and yet with a nonchalant hand in the pocket, it looks like business as usual for Murray.

Bradley Cooper

Cooper wears a timeless navy suit with wide lapels and shows that sometimes you don’t need to stray from the classic to stand out.

Henrik Lundqvist

Who is this man, you ask? It’s Swedish professional ice hockey goaltender for the New York Rangers, obviously!

Luke Evans

Although his trousers could do with a bit of an iron, we’ll forgive Luke Evans because his double breasted blazer and shades are so on point.

James Cook

Another man breaking the style rules of Wimbledon by wearing trainers with a suit instead of smart shoes. Although he was probably beaten by the ball boys as punishment, we’re fans of the look.

Benedict Cumberbatch

The star of Sherlock ditches the deerstalker and trench coat for a turquoise summer suit and shades on the final day.

Prince William

This window pane check blazer and knitted tie certainly has our royal seal of approval.

Jude Law

A double breasted cream suit at a venue famed for selling juicy, bright red strawberries. Good luck with the dry cleaning bill, Jude.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Chiwetel’s smug style shows that he knows he’s absolutely killed it in this navy three piece suit, compete with pocket square and oxblood derby shoes.

Jay Z

Wearing a long sleeve tee and snapback at the women's single's final? Bold move, but when you’re married to Beyonce you could show up in your birthday suit and still be let in.

Charles Dance

You’re humming the Game of Thrones theme tune already, aren’t you? Something tells us he's worn this to a (red) wedding or two as well.

Sir David Attenborough

Here we see a wild David Attenborough making his migration to Wimbledon. Although now 90 years old, his iconic status wards off younger predators from taking his crown. He'd look good in anything, Sir David.