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Jeremy Corbyn and the other 10 most stylish men in politics

Jeremy Corbyn and the other 10 most stylish men in politics

Jeremy Corbyn and the other 10 most stylish men in politics
14 September 2015

With all those expenses burning a hole in their pockets, is it any wonder why politicians continue to dress and act like estranged uncles fumbling on dancefloors at weddings?

From Westminster to Washington, most hubs of major politics seem to suffer from an image problem. One in which cheap haircuts and over-sized suits seem to thrive and where individuality simply doesn't - stuffy places for badly-stuffed shirts.

Every once in a while, however, one person rises above the mediocrity to show us that it is possible to champion the people and look dashing while doing it. Like Jeremy Corbyn, an unlikely style icon and now the leader of the Labour Party.

So, starting with J-Corbs, come with us as we visit the finest male dressers in politics in the UK and beyond...

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP

Why? Owns only two shirts, both beige. Could easily be confused with a busker. And yet a unique sense of being comfortable in his own skin and maverick enough to harvest facial fuzz make him a worthy example his peers could learn from.

Trademark: Beard, beige clothing, Worker’s Cap, rail ticket

In three words: History teacher chic

Andy Burnham, Labour MP

Why? Another Labour leader candidate with sartorial values unmatched by Parliamentary peers (albeit at the other end of the spectrum than Corbyn), Burnham plumps for Armani suits. Off the peg, mind you - he is a man of the people after all.
Trademark:  Wool ties, expensive suit, LEGO man haircut, finger-on-chin musing
In three words: The bargain hunter

Jyotiraditya Scindia, Indian National Congress MP

Why? Those cherubic features are lying to you - Scindia is 44-years-old. He also dresses like '90s-era Wesley Snipes, who, let’s face it, was well ahead of his time.
Trademark: Scarf, black/white collarless suits, sunglasses, grail water (probably)

In three words: Master of monochrome

Barack Obama, President of the USA

 Why? Come on, just look at him. 
Trademark: Dark suits, striped ties, hint of silver fox crew cut, look of a man fully aware he runs the world

In three words: America, F*ck Yeah

Enrique Peña Nieto, Prime Minister of Mexico

Why? Between roaming cartels and corrupt police forces, Mexico can’t be an easy country to run. Lucky then that citizens have the glamorously-dressed Enrique Peña Nieto to take their minds off the country’s continuing meltdown. His sash is just superb. Sometimes he even sits on a big throne, like Jay Z only richer.

Trademark: Sash, red tie, slicked back haircut

In three words: A Mexican Standout

George Osborne

Why? Much as you might not want to admit it, Osborne can dress as razor-sharp as the best of them on his day. If he had his way, the budget box would be Burberry.

Trademark: Scowl, light blue tie, knackered red suitcase

In three words: Prim and proper

Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece

Why? We know what you’re thinking: why does the Prime Minister of Greece looked like he runs a start-up company in Silicon Valley? Easy - he’s a youngish-looking go-getter and a PM who promised he wouldn’t wear a tie until the country’s debt problem is resolved. Or maybe things have got so bad he can’t afford one.

Trademark: Dark shoes, dark suit, dark circles around his eyes as he deals with an imploding economy

In three words: Dress Down Mondays

Chuka Umunna, Labour MP

Why? Famously filmed palling up with Will Smith (here’s the pair getting Jiggy in his constituency) and not too dissimilar in the looks stakes either, Umunna’s not exactly a stranger to a photo opportunity. Nor should he be – the man’s a lovely dresser.

Trademark: Skinny suits, silk ties, Blue Steel, 

In three words: Fresh Prince (of) Streatham

Jagmeet Singh, Ontario MPP

Why? Born in Ontario and raised in Beverly Hills - well, Michigan - such is Singh’s habit for power dressing we wouldn’t be too shocked if he were from Californian high society stock. Now back in Canada, where he rose to prominence as Ontario’s first turbaned MPP, his colourful choice of headwear has since become a shining beacon of multicultural pride.

Trademark: bold grey three-piece suits, thick beard, colourful pocket squares, vivid headwear

In three words: Wolf (of) Wall Sikh

Aaron Schock, Congress representative (until Mar 15)

Why? Confident. Athletic. Cheekbones you could hang a coat on. It was a blow for sexy politics across the globe when this all-American Republican was forced to resign from office in March of this year after admitting to a misuse of Federal funds. Of course the true crime is that Congress won’t be seeing anymore of his preppy outfits for a while.

Trademark: glossy sportswear, Martha’s Vineyard preppy jumpers, super bright checked shirts

In three words: The Schock Jock

Nicolas Sarkozy - former French President

Why? Once named the 68th best-dressed person in the world by Vanity Fair, Sarkozy’s debonair dress sense can sometimes be overshadowed by the fact he needs the French equivalent of Yellow Pages to meet eye-to-eye with his wife, Carla Bruni. Who knows, maybe it spurs him on to making such an effort.

Trademark: Stacked heels, puzzled expression, navy striped white shirts with blue tie, dazzling cufflinks, Napoleon syndrome

In Three Words: Small but mighty