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The 100 Most Stylish Men Ever

The 100 Most Stylish Men Ever

The 100 Most Stylish Men Ever
Danielle de Wolfe
10 January 2012

As we like to repeat to ourselves every morning as we stare at our reflection in the mirror, fashion is temporary, style is timeless.

But style is often in the eye of the beholder. What works for one man, might make another chap look like a right twazzock. So, who to emulate? And why?

We've assembled a list of the 100 most stylish men ever to give us all a bit of inspiration.

(Images: Rex Features)

Alan Delon

Albert Hammond Jr

Woody Allen

Jean-Paul Belmondo

David Bowie

Brad Pitt

Burt Reynolds

David Burne

Cary Grant

Clint Eastwood

David Beckham

David Lynch


Gregory Peck

James Dean

Jarvis Cocker

Jimi Hendrix

John Cussack

John Lennon

Johnny Depp

Jon Hamm

Jon Snow

Julian Casablancas

Kanye West

Keith Floyd


Malcolm X

Marlon Brando

Michael Caine


Mr T

Patrick Grant

Paul Weller

Robert Downey Jr

Robert Redford

Ronnie Wood

Ryan Gosling

Tinie Tempah

Samuel Beckett

Sean Connery

Serge Gainsbourg

Steve McQueen

Tin Tin

Tom Ford

Tom Selleck

Tom Waits

Vincent Cassell

Warren Beatty

George Best

Pep Guardiola

Adrien Brody

Al Pacino

Albert Finney

Alex Turner

Andy Warhol

Barack Obama

Bob Dylan

Clark Gable

Clive Owen

Daniel Craig

David Hemmings

Dean Martin

Errol Flynn

Frank Sinatra

James Brown

James Corburn


Jim Morrison

Gary Oldman

Jude Law

Paul Smith

Peter O'Toole

Pharrell Williams

Richard Burton

Richard Harris

Sam Riley

Terence Stamp

Tim Roth

Kid Cudi

Justin Timberlake

Mark Ronson

Michael Jackson

Montgomery Clift

Nick Cave

Paul Newman

Ewan McGregor

George Clooney

Harrison Ford

Jose Mourinho

Kurt Cobain

Liam Gallagher

Malcolm McDowell

Marcello Mastroianni

Marc Jacobs

Matt Smith

Paul Simonon

Peter Cook

Richard Ayoade

Robert De Niro

Yves Saint Laurent