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TGI Friday's are now doing UNLIMITED starters

So many nachos, so little time

TGI Friday's are now doing UNLIMITED starters
27 January 2017

America has kind of let us down recently with the whole Trump thing, but they might’ve just redeemed themselves (not really, he’s building a f*cking wall for God’s sake) with the announcement that TGI Friday’s has introduced bottomless starters to their menu.

Yes, you read that right. Bottomless, endless, unlimited, never-ending appetisers are now available across UK branches.

So what’s the catch, we hear you say? There isn’t one really, apart from that you’re probably going to be in immense pain afterwards.

For £9.99 you can select one starter to be repeated, or for £12.99 you can select multiple starters to be brought out, which includes a savage pulled pork sundae, double layered nachos, loaded potato skins, mozzarella dippers and a shed load of chicken wings.

These prices are per person, so no you can’t go with all the lads and share 40 buckets of hot wings for £9.99 and split the bill.

And to keep the starters flowing you need to finish whatever is on your plate, but we imagine you’ll be licking them clean so that’s no problem.

Check out the full menu here (which runs from Sunday-Thursday from 7PM) and start stocking up on Rennies, because your next date night is going to be messy AF.