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Sylvester Stallone gives us first look at Ivan Drago Jr. in new 'Creed II' image

What a beast

Sylvester Stallone gives us first look at Ivan Drago Jr. in new 'Creed II' image
19 February 2018

You don’t expect the seventh installment in a movie franchise to be good (unless it’s got something to do with fast cars, Vin Diesel and The Rock), but somehow, against all odds, Creed was a bit of a banger. Stallone even got himself an Oscar nomination for his troubles - it’s a great flick.

So obviously there’s going to be a sequel, obviously they’re doing Creed II, and OBVIOUSLY they’re bringing back everyone’s favourite flagrant fighter with a flippant attitude to the death of others, Ivan Drago.

Dolph Lundgren will be reprising his role as the towering bad guy, alongside similar returnees Stallone as Rocky Balboa and Michael B. Jordan as the presumptuously-named Adonis Creed. And this week, we’ve got our first glimpse of what everything might look like, courtesy of Stallone’s Instagram account:

Now, it’s worth noting that it’s only a fan poster, so it’s not official or anything, but the fact that Stallone has posted it means it must look pretty legit. We’ve got Drago and newcomer Romanian heavyweight boxer Florian Munteanu on one side (the bad one), and Rocky and Creed on the other (the good one, the one that will make you cry).

And talking of the bad side, Dolph has been busy posting training videos all over his social media in the run up, too:

The movie, which sees Adonis Creed seeking revenge for the death of his father, is looking at a November release date, which is all extremely exciting, isn’t it? So exciting, in fact, that I have just sprayed an entire can of Lynx into my mouth for ‘attention’.

(Image: Rex)