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Swatch's automatic watch

Swatch's automatic watch

Swatch's automatic watch
29 January 2014

Automatic watches are usually found on girthy wrists, familiar with lifting a heavy wallet from a back pocket.

Not if you own a Swatch. The Sistem51 is the world's first mechanical movement whose assembly is 100% automated. The iconic Swiss watch maker managed to cram style, tech and affordability into a tidy little timepiece.

Featuring the same bold, simple design the brand is known for, Swatch has managed to reduce a self-winding (powered by your general swagger) movement down to a minuscule 51 parts, held together by a single screw. It manages to hold a 90 hour power reserve - meaning it'll still be telling you to get up if you manage to sleep for the best part of four days. It's available in blue, black, white and red colourways.

Limited to Swiss Swatch stores, you'll have to go hunting if you want to pick up one of these £102 self-powered gems.

(Images: Swatch)

(Via: Uncrate)