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Superb Minimalist Padron Watch

Superb Minimalist Padron Watch

Superb Minimalist Padron Watch
Danielle de Wolfe
13 August 2014

Which is harder, diamond or sapphire? You're right, it's diamond - but do you know how much it costs to make a watch case out of diamond? A lot. Which is why Padron has built the scratch-resistant optics for its gorgeous new (affordable) Hennepin watch out of the latter.

This minimalist beauty packs a host of other luxurious materials into its casement: surgical-grade stainless steel engineered with 100 metre water resistance surrounds the face, precise circular indents acting as face markers. Should you wish to save yourself the hassle of battery replacement, the Automatic model houses a mechanical movement, showing off its intricate workings on the rear of of its case.

Available in steel or (our preferred) black, each watch comes with a choice of dark brown, ostrich grain, or black leather straps. Starting from £150 (the Automatic model is around £230), you can put in a pre-order over on the Pardron store and expect one just in time for Christmas.

(Images: Padron)

[Via: Uncrate]