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Stylish Space Jacket

Stylish Space Jacket

Stylish Space Jacket
17 January 2014

Admit it - you all wanted to be an astronaut at some point in your childhood. Who wouldn't want to ride on a huge rocket and float around in space?

Obviously that's all changed now that we've seen Gravity - we're happy down here on earth thanks - but nonetheless, astronauts are still incredibly cool.

Now, thanks to designer Steven B. Wheeler, we can all look a little like our heroes out in space, as he has created this awesome space jacket - currently at crowdfunding stage. It's inspired by spacesuit and Space Shuttle materials, and features a white, non-woven Tyvek shell, and an inside lining of silvered nylon taffeta, which not only references the insulating 'foil' used on satellites, but is also a highly effective way of retaining body heat.

If the kickstarter is successful, the jacket will be shipped with a selection of patches, just like real astronaut suits.

Surely you can make space for this in your wardrobe? We think so.

Visit Steven's company Betabrand's site here

(Images: Betabrand)

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