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Stunning wooden Arvak bike

Stunning wooden Arvak bike

Stunning wooden Arvak bike

You pull up to the lights. There are two fixies and a tourer at the line, with a courier who refuses to unclip wiggling back and forth on the edge of the junction. You're fancying your chances you can breeze past the lot of them, when this vision of beauty rides up and distracts all of you.

This gorgeous, preposterously shaped bike is the Arvak - the holy offspring of Keim, formed by French designer Paul Guerin and carpenter Till Breitfuss. Does it look comfortable to ride? Not in the least. Will it see all other cyclists dismount and bow before it? Almost certainly.

Named after the mythological horse of Norse mythology which helped pull the sun in its route across the heavens, the Arvak is a 7.5kg dream machine. The frame is constructed from 24 layers of white ash, laminated with a bio-based epoxy resin, with Corina 2D aero wheels helping keep the weight down. The steering column blends seamlessly into the frame, leaning the rider into a streamlined racing position, while a single front break and optional fixed or single gear set up keeps things minimal.

As you've probably guessed, this astonishing piece of design doesn't come cheap - the £6,884 price tag is almost as uncomfortable as the Arvak's riding position. Just convince yourself you're buying a piece of art - and be sure to avoid every pothole and puddle the roads throw at you. On second thoughts, just hang it in your lounge.

(Images: Keim)

[Via: Be Street]