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Striking Vintage Football Strips

Striking Vintage Football Strips

Striking Vintage Football Strips

Four minutes. We reckon that's roughly how long a football commentator spends on average per game grumbling about the lurid neon boots of the number 14. 

What they probably long for are the good old days, when the kits were simple, the mud pure and the tackles dirty. The days when Italian-Argentine designer Emilio Sansolini's football strips would have blended right in.

While the last World Cup was littered with some clean, retro looks, Sansolini's minimalist aesthetic has worked wonders on the crowded kits of club football. 

Sure, he hasn't had to squeeze in a brand logo or any of the lucrative sponsors that keep the modern game afloat, but we're sure we're not alone in wishing Sansolini's designs were available on club websites. 

We've selected some of our favourites below. You can see more of his work here

(Images: Emilio Sansolini)

[Via: Design Taxi]