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Eerie new photos emerge of Netflix's Stranger Things Series 2

Welcome back to the Upside Down

Eerie new photos emerge of Netflix's Stranger Things Series 2
13 February 2017

As well as second helpings of Making A Murderer and Better Call Saul, we’re also buoyed this year by the Netflix return of Stranger Things – and the prospect of more Upside Down nostalgia-themed antics is building momentum on a serious level. This buzz done no harm, of course, by cryptic teasers like this:

Already read our rundown of everything we know about the new series so far? Re-watched the Super Bowl trailer over and over? Well then, cast your gaze below, as fresh from Hawkins, Indiana, Netflix has released a batch of new photos from the show, giving us a look at the action in the latest series.

Our heroes suit up as the Ghostbusters

First up, we have the gang looking fly, dressed up as Ghostbusters, which makes sense seeing as we know the second season will be set in 1984, the year Ghostbusters was released. But what’s in the bags? Common sense points to sweets, and the distinct possibility that the youngsters are simply trick-or-treating – it would certainly fit in with the Halloween theme (remember that date in the trailer reading October 30th?).

Will's mum grabs hold of him while his friends look on

Then we have a tense pic of Winona Ryder fretting like only she can, alongside a new character which we know as Max, played by Sadie Sink (“a tough and confident 13-year-old female” according to creators the Duffer brothers). Is Will’s mum shaking him? Is he in some sort of trance? It certainly looks like he’s staring into the sky, doesn’t it? Either way, the image screams “Snap out of it!” – it certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to be plain-sailing for Will and co. this time around.

Will looks a tad apprehensive sans mates

This is something which seems backed up by the close-up on poor Will’s face - he’s looking mighty alienated, no? Gossip must be rife at the school since his return from the Upside Down, especially if he’s been puking slugs in maths class. That’s certainly the kind of behavior that gets you sidelined at school.

Nancy and Jonathan look unimpressed with whatever's behind them

Aside from the main group of younger kids, we’re next treated to a startling shot of Nancy and Jonathan staring at something which appears to be outside the back of their car. This of course could be anything from a giant spider monster to Winona Ryder on a fretting rampage – we just don’t know. And is that a solo figure in front of the car in the distance? Who could possibly be displaying that kind of reckless behavior? Our money’s on Will – you know what he’s like after one slug too many.

Jim teams hat and torch wile on the hunt for "something"

Finally, we’ve got Jim Hopper somewhere dark, with a torch. Last we saw in the first series he got into a car with some very suspicious looking, possibly governmental, suits. Is he in the Upside Down? The best bet is that someone’s gone missing again and it’s up to him to find them. Where that’ll lead him remains a mystery.

Overall, there’s nothing too telling here – no big monsters or alternate dimensions or anything. There’s not even a mention of Barb (RIP), poor girl. So a great many questions remain unanswered, at least until Halloween, anyway. Good luck hunting for clues in the meantime.