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Stormzy slams the BBC for stereotyping 'young black men'

He's making an important point

Stormzy slams the BBC for stereotyping 'young black men'
08 September 2017

Stormzy is not a man afraid of speaking his mind, whether that’s on politics, depression, the police or fish fingers and he’s at it again, calling out the BBC for a segment on their show The Daily Politics.

At the GQ Awards earlier this week, where he won the award for best solo artist, which was presented by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, he was criticised by some observers who thought he had called Theresa May a ‘pig’ in his acceptance speech. However, it soon became clear that they had simply misunderstood the term he had actually used – ‘paigon’ – slang for a person who is fake, similar to how you might call someone a snake.

Off the back of this, The Daily Politics aired a segment in which guests were invited to guess which term he had used, from four options: peng; bossman; mandem and paigon.

Stormzy then tweeted the following:

MNEK tweeted his support:

Stormzy replied to one person who seemed to think that he was objecting to the BBC mentioning the speech:

Others preferred to see the funny side of it:

Personally we just have massive respect for Stormzy using the phrase ‘flipping hell’. More of this please, and less of the stereotyping everyone.

(Image: Rex)