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Stormzy is speaking the solid truth about fish fingers on Twitter

It's impossible for us to agree more

Stormzy is speaking the solid truth about fish fingers on Twitter
31 July 2017

I once almost burned the entire house down whilst making fish fingers, so didn’t eat them for a long time as some sort of weird punishment to myself. However, I am over that now, and enjoy eating them in abundance. A fish finger sandwich is a proven (in my never-ending internal monologue, anyway) hangover cure and should never be messed with. Two slices of white bread, lightly toasted, a couple of slices of cheese, maybe a coupla gherkins, and then mayonnaise and/or sweet chilli sauce. It bangs hard, if you’re asking.

Which is why I completely agree with Stormzy when he says:

Exactly, why are they always on the kid's menu? Out of all the foods aimed at kids, surely a fish finger is the least babyish? If you can order chicken nuggets off an adult's menu, then why not fish fingers? They are simply sticks of fish covered in breadcrumbs. Why, for it to be considered suitable for an adult, does it have to be beer-battered, served with rocket and stuck inside a crusty roll? You know:

Gimme some on a plate and I'm happy, to be honest with you here. In fact, I've been known to eat them on their own – still good. And as an upstanding adult citizen, I think I should be allowed to order one without doing it off the kids' menu – and I think you should too. It's not like they're shaped like dinosaurs or anything – coincidentally, I think turkey dinosaurs should be on the main menu, too.


So apart from that, yes, listen to Stormzy, who’s using his public platform to speak about things properly – hard to disagree with him, really. I mean, this sums it all up:

(Image: Deviantart)