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An immersive Star Wars hotel is coming, where every guest will get their own storyline

Like a Star Wars-themed Westworld - but real

An immersive Star Wars hotel is coming, where every guest will get their own storyline

I’ve heard – I’m not 100% sure on this – I’ve heard that people get quite excited about Star Wars stuff. Things are announced, and people react, often in a way that might be deemed an over-reaction to those who aren’t necessarily as enamoured with the whole thing. Me, as a casual fan (like, Rogue One is my favourite one, so do with that what you will), I often don’t get the mania that ensues with each announcement.

“Oh my god, they’ve released a poster consisting entirely of text! BUT THIS TIME THE TEXT IS RED!!!” etc.

However, today has brought with it some news, the frenzied reaction to which I can completely understand. I can fully get on board with why this is a very exciting idea – in fact, it might even excite me a little bit. I would probably like to go myself.

Basically, they’re opening a Star Wars hotel. A proper, official, authentic, Disney and Lucasfilm-approved immersive hotel.

What this means is fuzzy at beast, but a number of details have been released, like:

  • All of the employees are going to be in costume and in character – like a Secret Cinema type of vibe.
  • You – actual YOU – will have your own storyline, so you’ll actually be a Star Wars character. And according to Disney, this arc will “touch every single minute of your day.” Sounds great, as long as you get to fit in some sleep, of course. Don’t need waking up in the middle of the night by a rebel screaming “WE HAVE TO GO, A SITH LORD HAS KIDNAPPED YOUR PARENTS.”
  • As it’s set in space, you won’t actually be able to look out of any windows, as they’ll all be showing the outer limits of the galaxy, and nothing else.
  • It will presumably obliterate your wallet into a thousand pieces.

Yeah, so this is good, no matter how big a fan you are. It’s like when I went to Secret Cinema (back when you didn’t know what film you were seeing) and it turned out to be The Third Man, a film I wasn’t exactly thrilled with. Still had an amazing time though, because the immersive experience beforehand was absolutely great. Guess the same will work at this hotel, only the budget will be even bigger, and it’ll all be officially licensed.

Saying that, there’s always the chance it could go full Westworld, all the droids turning on the guests and murdering every single one. Still, makes things a bit more realistic then, doesn’t it? 

(Images: Disney / Lucasfilm)