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For sale: one solid 24-carat gold Darth Vader helmet, a snip at £1.1m

You'd be mad not to buy it

For sale: one solid 24-carat gold Darth Vader helmet, a snip at £1.1m
25 April 2017

If you’ve got a spare million quid or so lying around, and you really like Star Wars, have we got the deal for you!

A Japanese jeweler has made a unique trinket for the sci-fi fan who has literally everything else: a 15kg bust of Darth Vader’s helmet made out of solid 24-carat gold.

This one-of-a-kind item was commissioned for Star Wars’ 40th anniversary celebration on May 4 (because ‘May the fo...oh forget it), and with a pricetag of just $1.4 million (£1.1 million), you’d be a mug not to book the first available flight out to Tokyo. 

But don’t fret if some other fan pips you to this season’s must-have massive lump of gold; Ginza Tanaka, which is also a kind of precious metals wholesaler, is releasing a series of gold coins to help those of more modest means show their love of the franchise through their wallets. These are a snip at between just $1,200 and $11,000 (£936 – £8,578), so you’ve really got no excuse.

The jeweler is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, and has form in creating huge commemorative lumps of precious metal. Previous work includes a Christmas tree, samurai helmets and footballer Lionel Messi's left foot.

The actual original Darth Vader costume was put up for sale in 2010, and was valued between £160,000 and £230,000.

(Image: Aflo/REX/Shutterstock)