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St Pancras debuts upmarket barbers

Goodbye Supercuts

St Pancras debuts upmarket barbers

Any right-minded soul would think twice about visiting the barber who taught shaving techniques on the set of Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd. And by “think twice”, we mean of course “run a mile. Quickly. In the opposite direction”.

That is until you discover the barber in question is Carmelo Guastella who was actually employed to instruct Sacha Baron Cohen, not Johnny Depp.

So with confidence restored, we’re delighted to recommend the recently opened Melogy by the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

A five-chair luxury salon, the architect-designed space retains many features of the original Victorian gothic station. There’s even a concealed door leading to the hotel’s exclusive Chambers Club.

Appointments with Guastella himself, or the store’s artistic director Dan Gregory (barber of choice for Louis Vuitton’s menswear designer, Kim Jones) are understandably the most expensive, starting at £60 and £50 respectively. Time with one of the two styling experts starts at £35.

So what better way to kill an hour before your Eurostar to Paris? Other than in the St Pancras champagne bar, obviously, but you won’t come out of there looking quite as good.

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