Springfield Recreated With LEGO


Anyone under the impression Master builders were merely a plot device from The LEGO Movie and not a highly serious real life occupation might want to avert their gaze to the mind-blowing block work below.

That's because Matt De Lanoy is one such man, and for his latest project he’s faithfully recreated the entire town of Springfield, cajoling in every Simpsons landmark from Krusty Burger to Moe’s Tavern to The Kwik-E-Mart to the elementary school, and even the tomfoolery that goes on inside the Nuclear plant.

Ironically, the project comes not long after the special episode Brick Like Me captured America's most famous yellow family and their worldly surroundings in LEGO-form, causing us to once more geek out over the collision of two of our favourite things.

Not since Mr Burns planned to erect a giant disk to permanently block out the sun have we been as roused by a model cityscape of this nuclear town.


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