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'Game of Thrones' star Sophie Turner has a bizarre secret Instagram account

Taking a leaf out of Lorde's book

'Game of Thrones' star Sophie Turner has a bizarre secret Instagram account
Tom Victor
10 April 2018

Obviously there are some huge upsides to being super famous – everyone knowing your name must be fun, for starters, while there’s also the huge money you’ll pick up on account of your fame.

There are also some downsides, though. You can’t get away with a cheeky fag round the back of a club without someone taking a photo, for example.

You also can’t get away with posting any old shit on your Instagram account, seeing as the world’s watching at all times.

Well, not the Instagram account everyone knows about, that is.

You might remember singer Lorde admitting to being the owner of @onionringsworldwide, an Instagram account dedicated to rating onion rings out of five.

Yes, that was it.

But the New Zealander isn’t the only one with an Instagram secret, and she’s not the only one with a food-based Instagram secret specifically.

Presenting Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, and her side-project, @sophiessausagereviews.

Now, Turner, better known as Sansa Stark on the HBO show, isn’t about to wade into a potential gimmick infringement minefield without knowing the importance of changing a few things.

So, naturally, she’s avoided copying Lorde’s idea by – and this is good – making sure her ratings are out of ten rather than five. See, completely different.

The best-rated sausage on show so far? There aren’t too many to choose from, but this turkey sausage enjoyed by Turner in Los Angeles gets the nod for its “phenomenal bite” and a turkey-to-herb ratio described as “perfection”.

There’s no immediate tie to Turner on the page, so how do we know it’s her’s?

According to PopSugar, the secret account was confirmed as Turner’s when she showed a screenshot of it in an Instagram story on her main, verified account.

It has more than 23,000 followers at the time of writing – significantly fewer than the 7.5m who follow Turner’s main account, but still quite a few considering the subject matter.

I guess people just really love sausages.

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