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Sony confirms new improved PS4 is on the way

The rumours were true

Sony confirms new improved PS4 is on the way
11 June 2016

We've got some good news and some... well, just good news really.

CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House has confirmed rumours that the PlayStation 'Neo' - a more powerful, 4K compatible console - is in development.

Speaking to the Financial Times, he stated that the new "high-end" console would be more expensive than the current PlayStation 4, but wouldn't replace the older model. 

"We will be selling both through the life cycle," he said, outlining that the new system will be aimed at 'hardcore' gamers (like normal gamers, but with less money and more games), supporting 4K TVs and offering a smoother user experience for the PlayStation VR.

So will you need to buy new versions of all your current games to play them on the PlayStation 4+? Mercifully, no: "All games will support the standard PS4 and we anticipate all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4," said House.

There's no word on when the new console will be available, nor how much it will cost. House suggested that it won't appear at the upcoming E3 expo, as Sony doesn't want to show it off before it was ready. Sony may divulge more details on the console at E3, but not hand it over to the assembled press to test it out. 

House's comments have essentially snatched the limelight away from Microsoft ahead of E3, with the company expected to announce a similarly improved Xbox One during the expo. Keep your eyes on our gaming channel to be updated with news from E3 for the next week.

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