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This Game of Thrones screengrab and 'analysis' is sending the internet into meltdown

Did you guess the unknown pen pal?

This Game of Thrones screengrab and 'analysis' is sending the internet into meltdown

First off, have you watched this week's episode of Game of Thrones - The Broken Man?

No? Then what in the seven gods' names are you doing here? Piss off and come back before you accuse us of spoiling things for you.

For those of you playing by the laws of the internet (good for you), we want to talk to you about that letter.

What letter?

One of the core focuses of this week's episode saw Sansa and Jon set about gathering some of the Northern houses under the old Stark banner. However, given all the death, murdering and pillaging that's beset the region of late, no house seems too eager to join the cause.

This results in Sansa penning a letter to an unknown recipient, imploring them to support House Stark.

Who was the letter to?

Well, isn't that the £1 million question?

We were only given glimpses of the letter - all helpfully compiled by Reddit member CreepyPancakes.

Anything from this angle?

Maybe... but it needs some work.

A little closer...

Time to flip and zoom - which sounds like the name of a new Pitbull track.

Add some black ink, do some educated guess work...

...and there you have it. Sansa almost certainly appears to have been writing a letter to Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish - them man who controls the Knights of the Vale. He has some promises to fulfill, and owes Sansa a big favour, having basically married her off to a psychopath. 

Here's to CreepyPancakes for some excellent detective work. If they aren't working at the FBI by the end of the month, we'll eat a dragon.