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Someone finally made a working hoverboard

Franky Zapata has invented a proper hoverboard & good lordy do we want to have a go

Someone finally made a working hoverboard
11 April 2016

Forget those dual-wheeled lies that kids have been twatting about on since Christmas.

Discard that bag of magnetic fibs that Lexus teased last year.

Franky Zapata has invented a proper hoverboard and good lordy do we want to have a go. 

A former jetski world champion and creator of the aquatic jetpack 'The Flyboard', the French inventor has ditched water propulsion for miniature jet engines in his quest to build a vehicle worthy of the 'hoverboard' title.

Zapata took to the air in a YouTube video to demonstrate his prototype Flyboard Air - a hover unit capable of 10 minute flights, reaching heights of 10,000 feet at a top speed of 150km/h (93.2 mph).

Further details are currently scant, though it looks like Zapata is wearing a backpack of liquid fuel to keep the Flyboard Air in the skies. 

There's one major issue with the Flyboard Air: if things go wrong at a low altitude, travelling at high speed, you're almost certainly not going to survive the landing - hence why Zapata's demonstration sees him flying at low speeds over a body of water. 

There's no timeline on a release of the Flyboard Air, nor what Zapata plans on doing with it next. Here's hoping he comes up with a safer, pavement friendly version of it while we've still got the knees to test it out. 

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