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The Skyscanner app will now find you cheap train tickets too

Bargains galore

The Skyscanner app will now find you cheap train tickets too
04 April 2018

Train tickets, let’s be honest, are pretty much unaffordable right now. Remember all those news stories about people flying to London via Spain from Manchester because it’s so much cheaper than the train? Remember the last time you, personally, bought a train ticket and were forced to take out a loan in order to get thirty minutes outside of London? 

Just a few months ago, we received the excellent news that rail fares were due to rise by 3.4% in 2018 – the biggest jump in fares since 2013. According to the Rail Delivery Group, it was “the first time since 2013 that the increase was higher than the current Consumer Prices Index inflation figure of 3%”. Brilliant! Great! Love it! I will die penniless and alone! Please nationalise the railways!

Anyway: if you’re anything like us (broke) you’ll probably be thrilled to hear that Skyscanner, the flight comparison tool, is launching a version for train journeys.  

Skyscanner has teamed up with to provide the new tool, which works just like their existing flight comparison tool – finding the cheapest available price for your journey. 

It’s currently still in testing, but you can get your hands on it if you’re using the Skyscanner iOS app. It’s expected to roll out on other platforms after the testing period is over. 

And if all else fails: we can always pay with avocados, eh?! 

(Image: Ugur Akdemir / Unsplash)