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Skate brand apparel it’s OK to wear even though you’re a grown man

Supreme, Vans and more names you can wear even though you don't know how to kickflip

Skate brand apparel it’s OK to wear even though you’re a grown man
15 July 2016

There comes a time in a man’s life where he must stop wearing youthful trends like super skinny jeans and tie dye tees, because he will just start looking creepy.

But never fear, there is a way you can still look like you know what house music sounds like and use "sick" as a positive adjective without looking like an idiot – skate wear. It looks good, it’s minimalist, it still incorporates modern trends, and it’s affordable. Don’t worry if you don’t even know how to kick flip, because as long as you played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, these brands are fine to wear.


If you’re still searching for that lightweight summer jacket to withstand the unstable British weather conditions, you’ve found it. Volcom’s Capitol coach jacket is a light yet reliable layer that’ll see you through the weekend showers when you’re running from to pub (you absolute athlete).



Their latest New Jack footwear is designed to perform in the skatepark as well as fitting seamlessly into casual streetwear styles. This is the perfect shoe for summer, as it's super breathable with a clean silhouette.



Supreme’s collections do not stick around for long (see their Nike collaboration launch in New York that got shutdown by the NYPD). Their official site is currently closed while they ready their AW16 stock, but you can still grab their killer basics like this camo snapback from other sites.



It’s almost just worth going to their site to check out the hilarious product descriptions, but Palace has fantastically made products. This contrast panelled gingham shirt is a perfect example of the unique work they do. Their collab with Reebok Classics is also worth checking out. They’re all sold out, obviously, but it’s still nice to look... right?



If we've learned anything from American food enthusiast Guy Fieri, it's that things that look like they're on fire are cool. Thrasher Magazine is a bible to most skateboarders, so buy at least one issue before you wear it near a skatepark so you can school those cocky kids when they call you a poser.



Probably the most iconic skate shoe around; a low top lace-up featuring sturdy canvas and suede uppers, re-enforced toecaps to withstand repeated wear. Even if the most strenuous thing you do is take the bins out, these are the shoes to see you through tough situations and that’ll only look better with wear and tear.