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These abstract scenes from The Simpsons prove how beautiful the show really is

Chill out in Springfield

These abstract scenes from The Simpsons prove how beautiful the show really is
26 January 2017

If you thought the likes of Twin Peaks, Utopia and Breaking Bad were the peak of beautiful televisual cinematography, prepare to think again.

Because, thanks to the good work of the Scenic Simpsons Instagram page, it’s suddenly become clear that, throughout its 28 seasons, The Simpsons has provided some truly beautiful scene-setting shots.

The project is dedicated “to showcasing the most beautiful scenes, colours, sets and abstract compositions from The Simpsons, and it does not disappoint, with sweeping vistas, poignant close-ups, and arty shots nestled in amongst the mayhem and stories that grabbed our attention on first viewing.

Our favourite 19 shots are below, head here to view the full selection. You’ll never look at Springfield the same way again.

"Bart vs Thanksgiving" Season 2, episode 7
'Bart on the Road' Season 7, Episode 20
"Two Bad Neighbours" Season 7, Episode 13
"Lemon of Troy" Season 6, Episode 24
"Monty Can't Buy Me Love" Season 10, Episode 21
"You Only Move Twice" Season 8, Episode 2
'Bart the General' Season 1, episode 5
'Bart Gets Famous' Season 5, Episode 12
'Homer the Vigilante' Season 5, episode 11
'Homer Loves Flanders' Season 5, Episode 16
"Burns Baby Burns" Season 8, Episode 4
"Homer Simpson in: Kidney Trouble" Season 10, Episode 8
'Homer the Heretic' Season 4, episode 3
'Oh Brother Where Art Thou' Season 2, episode 15
'Kamp Krusty' Season 4, episode 1