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Seth MacFarlane and Judd Apatow lead explosive backlash against Fox News: "I’m embarrassed to work for the company"

Uh oh, not all is well in La-La Land

Seth MacFarlane and Judd Apatow lead explosive backlash against Fox News: "I’m embarrassed to work for the company"

Just the other day, Tucker Carlson, a conservative political commentator for Fox News, told his viewers the following:

“If you’re looking to understand what’s actually happening in this country, always assume the opposite of whatever they’re telling you on the big news stations.”

Essentially, he’s saying “Fox News is the best, everyone else is liars, baby.” And these rather ridiculous comments have sparked the ire of a couple of high-profile figures, some of whom owe their careers to Fox, so speaking out is a risky move. One such detractor is Seth MacFarlane, who you’ll know as the creator of Fox’s mega-successful Family Guy

Following Tucker’s comments, he took to Twitter to express his disagreement:

But he’s not the only one - Judd Apatow, another highly-regarded funny-man has spoken out against the network, through a series of tweets aimed at their news coverage, particularly how they handled the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy - you know, the one that’s separated children from their parents at the southern U.S. border.

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He fired up the old Twitter machine and shot out a series of angry tweets, condemning the network and calling for other people to speak up:

The co-creator of Modern Family, another Fox show, also spoke out:

It’s all kicking off, basically, although it’s unclear where they’ll go from here. Publicly attacking a company that employs you, right or wrongly, often doesn’t end quietly (especially when the company is Fox, Monsanto anyone?), but these people are powerful enough to make a change, so they’re damned in some way if they do or they don’t. Thankfully, they’ve picked the morally correct option - good on them.

Who’s next to speak out? Place your bets.

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