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This Scrabble keyboard is the ultimate gift for the geek in your life

It looks like it would be so satisfying to touch

This Scrabble keyboard is the ultimate gift for the geek in your life
20 March 2018

A scrabble fan has created an official mechanical scrabble keyboard and it can be yours for $160 (£115). 

Cassidy Williams achieved their, albeit very niche, dream, by cold-calling Scrabble makers Hasbro ‘relentlessly’ to get them to agree to its creation, which shows you that perseverance and determination pays off, and that people really, really will do anything to stop receiving cold calls.

Williams then crowdfunded their project on Massdrop, where you can now purchase one. If you’ve already got a keyboard, you can go for the slightly cheaper option of a keycap set for $47 (£34).

It looks like it would be the most satisfying thing to type on, you can visualise the clacking (official term) of the letters, and the colour scheme is very ‘70s resurgence. 

Each key has, naturally, the letter score in the corner of it, for total authenticity. For an additional $40 Williams will also give you a set of 100 key letters, so you can play an actual game with them. Why you’d choose these over actual Scrabble tiles, we don’t know, but someone in your life probably wants this right? 

Well done Cassidy Williams, you’ve proved that with enough willpower, you can achieve anything.