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Five 'Sopranos' stars are reuniting for this brand new movie

Well I guess we're watching this then

Five 'Sopranos' stars are reuniting for this brand new movie
25 January 2018

There are some shows so iconic that once they’re over, it’s impossible to see the star actors as anyone but their character - Matt LeBlanc will always be Joey, Ricky Gervais will always be David Brent, and perhaps more than any other, we can only remember James Gandolfini for his incredible eight years as Tony Soprano.

While the main man is no longer with us, The Sopranos was such a force that it’s also heard to see its other actors outside the context of the show, which is why it’s going to be very strange to see five at once in a new movie.

The film is called Sarah Q, and is directed by John Gallagher, who has been a mainstay of the New York film scene for more than 30 years.

Three big Sopranos names will star -  Tony Sirico (Paulie), Vincent Pastore (Pussy), and Federico Castelluccio (Furio), as well as two lesser recurring characters, William DeMeo (Jason Molinaro) and Artie Pasquale (Burt Gervasi).

Tony Sirico (Paulie) and Federico Castelluccio (Furio) will both appear in the new show

There aren’t a huge amount of details about the movie yet, but the biggest Sopranos reunion since the screen turned black on us nearly 11 years ago is such a draw that it almost doesn’t matter.

What we do know is that despite the cast, the show isn’t about gangsters. It’s not even about crime at all.

Sarah Q will be a “serio-comic tale of a young girl’s struggle to succeed at a Manhattan acting conservatory,” Deadline report.

Burt Gervasi (left) will also make an appearance

Emmy James is set to star in the title role, with Burt Young and Sally Kirkland also in key roles. The supporting cast includes Ashlee Macropoulos, Samantha Scaffidi, Tamara Skylar Jones and Josette Dwyer.

IMDb states that the film is currently in pre-production, and is expected to land in September this year, while also noting that Sirico’s character will be named ‘Mr. Danny’, and Pastore’s ‘Mr. Tommy’.

Federico Castelluccio will play a man named Barry Homburg.

(Images: HBO)