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According to research this is how you’re being judged on dating apps

Who knew star signs were so important?

According to research this is how you’re being judged on dating apps
18 October 2018

Dating has got to be one of the greatest mysteries of life; it’s more baffling than the Bermuda Triangle and even more head-scratching than the Loch Ness Monster.

But research and big data is now unravelling this most puzzling of conundrums by polling potential daters and finding out the things that will bag you the most right swipes. 

Researchers at Nuyoo asked 872 Brits aged 18-30 to find out the traits they find most attractive in a partner on dating apps.

For women swipers, it’s all about your job, physical attributes like classic good looks, facial hair and, interestingly in these enlightened times, astrological compatibility. 

Women swipe right for:

- Occupation: 84%

- Good looks: 72%

- Facial hair: 66%

- Compatible star signs: 61%

- Pets in pictures: 53%

A pic with a pooch will go down well said 53% of avid swipers

Men swipe right for:

- Good looks: 88%

- Funny bio: 75%

- Occupation: 69%

- Well-travelled / Adventure seeker: 57%

- Sporty: 51% 

Max Ellis, a London-based physique photographer with more than 30 years’ experience, earlier told ShortListabout some tricks anyone can use to get a good fitness shot for your dating profile.

“Lighting-wise, a nicely diffused natural light is far better than flash if you don’t know your way around a DSLR camera and a soft box,” he says. “Try taking pictures in front of a window with a net curtain - maybe pop round and visit your mum - which should give you a nicely diffused softer light.

“And try lifting the camera/phone to just above head height to help eliminate those extra chins. Also, avoid bright direct sunshine which will make you squint and gloomy corners which will make you look sinister. Finally, I personally don’t like a pouty selfie.” 

The most important part of that, if you skim read, is that you shouldn’t take a sinister selfie. Nobody likes someone that is sinister.

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