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‘The Big Bang Theory’ is no longer the most popular comedy on TV

Finally people are developing some taste

‘The Big Bang Theory’ is no longer the most popular comedy on TV
Tom Victor
05 October 2017

As its spin-off series Young Sheldon gets underway, The Big Bang Theory has lost its crown as the top-rated comedy among young people.

The enduring sitcom has regularly pulled in more viewers than any other similar show across the United States, but is beginning to lose its lustre among the younger generation, according to new figures.

Indeed, newly released numbers suggest that, while people might still enjoy funny Big Bang Theory-related videos, the show itself doesn’t have the same impact it once did.

Using figures from the Nielsen ratings system, broadcaster Adult Swim has found that its show Rick and Morty – while far from the top-rated show of its kind across America – has captured the ‘millennial’ demographic.

The news follows the finale of Rick and Morty’s third season, which aired over the weekend in the US and will come to UK Netflix this coming Sunday.

Look Morty, we’re more popular than The Big Bang Theory

According to Adult Swim, using data from Nielsen, episodes of the animated show have averaged 2.5 million viewers among adults under the age of 35.

If confirmed, those numbers would put it ahead of The Big Bang Theory (1.8 million) and Modern Family (1.6 million), both of which have regularly troubled the upper echelons of the overall rankings, Vulture reports.

The figures relate to ‘live and delayed’ viewings of the show, which draws a notable amount of its audience from those who watch on catch-up services, while network shows have traditionally drawn more of their viewers from those who prefer to watch live.

Rick and Morty has just finished airing its third season

It’s not just popular with young adults, though.

Rick and Morty averaged 5 million viewers per episode throughout its third season, based on Nielsen’s ‘Live Plus Seven’ metric (live views plus views on catch-up within a week of broadcast).

Additionally, the season debut – aired without warning on April Fool’s Day – brought 3 million people to the Adult Swim site despite dropping without any promotion beforehand.

According to a Nielsen briefing last year, animated comedy shows see the largest uptick from Live Plus Seven.

Rick and Morty has gone to great new lengths in the latest season, including a detailed plot around ‘Evil Morty’ which has drawn many a fan theory, and they’ve even encouraged McDonald’s to bring back a limited edition sauce after nearly 20 years.

Season 4 has not been officially confirmed by the network, but it’s surely an inevitability.

(Images: CBS/Adult Swim)